Monday, January 21

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8 Ways to be Active in Office

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Take Regular Breaks Take regular breaks and walk around the office room. Taking breaks helps improve focus and walking around add to the activity. Stretch in your Seat Stretch at the office desk and do some static desk exercise. Skip elevators & take the stairs Skip the elevators and take the stairs. This step helps a great deal in increasing the activity in the day. Walk when holding discussion or talking to colleague It is best to go to the colleague’s desk rather than calling him or her to your desk. Also it is best to walk around the office while talking. Eat Proper Meals & Don’t Miss Meal Proper lunch should be eaten and meals should not be missed. Avoid snacking between meals. Unless you make it a priority to find time to eat and schedule a time, it

11 Iron – Rich Vegetables to Power You Up

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Spinach and Other Dark Leafy Greens Half a cup of boiled spinach has 3.2 mg of iron – that’s about 17% DV. Some dark leafy green vegetables like spinach are abundant in iron. They taste great blended into soups, tossed in stir fries, added to pasta or even in salads. Half a cup of boiled spinach, for instance, has 3.2 mg of iron – that’s about 17% DV. Other greens like kale and collard greens also contain iron that delivers 3.3 to 6% DV. Half a cup of kale has 0.59 mg of iron and a similar amount of collard greens have 1.075 mg. Peas Another kind of green that may appeal to more people are peas. These sweet, juicy pops of green can brighten up any meal. They are delicious in soup but you could have fun with them in Indian curries with potatoes and tomatoes, buttery stir-fries with on