Complications of COVID 19: FAQs

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To all the Corona Warriors, 

Lifeline hopes that you and your loved ones are healthy and safe!!

As we start unlocking ourselves from the shackles of Lockdown that lasted for nearly 3 months now, the surge in Covid19 positive cases is inevitable. We have now realized that Covid19 is here to stay, and the only way to survive through this pandemic is to fight it openly rather than behind locked doors. The key steps in defeating this pandemic are prevention, early detection, monitoring, and timely intervention of affected patients. The good news is that 80 % of infected individuals recover easily at home. Lets now talk about the worrisome 20%. 

Q: I am having moderate to high fever. What does it indicate?

Lungs are the primary organ affected by the virus. The immune system detects the presence of the virus and commences its fight. It is normal for the body to have moderate to high fever. 

Q: Why do I need to keep a check on the levels of oxygen in my blood?

In some patients like the elderly persons and people with comorbidities like diabetes, hypertension, the immune system inadvertently attacks the healthy tissues as well, which may lead to failure of multiple organs (called CYTOKINE STORM). One may feel tired, nauseous and will have low blood pressure. Low oxygen saturation in blood is an indication of potential risk and may require immediate medical attention.

Q: How to ascertain the risk of failure of multiple organs?

The protein levels of three proteins (Procalcitonin, Interleukin 6 and C reactive protein) in blood samples indicate the potential risk. By keeping a close eye on their levels in blood, the doctor can start timely treatment. 

Q: Why am I experiencing shortness of breath and chest pain?

Chest pain and shortness of breath generally occurs when blood clots are formed in the blood vessels of lungs and heart. 

Generally, the virus increases the likelihood of clots being formed in small blood vessels. In some cases, the cytokine storm may create a condition called DIC (Disseminated intravascular coagulation), where an individual bleeds and clots excessively at the same time. 

Q: How can my doctor prevent this bleeding and clotting issue?

Doctors will conduct a few tests (PT, APTT, D-Dimer) to ascertain the tendency of blood clotting, and accordingly provide the required treatment.

Q: Why am I experiencing dizziness and lightheadedness?

Covid19 may also damage the muscles of the heart causing arrhythmias and strokes which present with these symptoms. CK-MB is a cardiac protein which reflects the health of the heart. Raised levels of this protein point towards heart injury in Covid19 patients, demanding rigorous monitoring of heart health in such patients. 

At LIFELINE, we are with you in this fight against Covid19 and offer all the above Covid19 and associated test services. You can contact our team for any additional information or details.

Disclaimer: The content mentioned above is for informational purposes only. It does not intend to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always speak to your doctor if you have any symptoms.

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