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The latest reports indicate that approximately 95% of people who are severely ill or dying of Covid-19 the world over are those who have NOT been vaccinated for protection against it.

Pregnant women need to protect themselves all the more from Covid-19, as they are vulnerable to infections due to their delicate condition. Covid-19 can cause severe illness in pregnant women, with deadly implications for both them and the foetus. Several safety concerns regarding Covid-19 vaccination during pregnancy have been raised by skeptics, although it has been observed that the vaccine causes NO adverse effects on either pregnant women or their foetus.

Risks to pregnant women

  • Hospitalization due to adverse effects of Covid-19 on one or more of pregnant women’s organs: they may require intensive care and/or additional oxygen to breathe easier or even a ventilator; The fallout of low levels of oxygen in their blood (Hypoxia) due to Covid-19 would be that the foetus would be delivered less oxygen through the mother’s blood, which could result in miscarriage, abnormal growth of the foetus and/or even be fatal for the foetus.
  • Pregnant women with pre-existing co-morbidities are at even greater risk to becoming severely ill if they get Covid-19;
  • Increased pre-term birth risk due to Covid-19 puts both the mother and child’s life in great jeopardy;
  • Pregnant women may face other complications arising out of Covid-19 and its damaging effects on their body’s organs, which may also result in potential long-term damage to the developing baby’s organs.  

It is believed that it is completely safe to vaccinate pregnant women for Covid-19: NO adverse effects were observed following the administering of both the first and second vaccine doses. In fact, it was found that pregnant women passed on antibodies to the foetus, which protects it against the Sars-CoV-2 virus which causes Covid-19.

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