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With the virus to stay here for long, we all need to be better informed about the do’s and don’ts related to COVID-19, as misinformation and fake news do greater harm than the virus itself.  So let us break some of the common myths attached to COVID-19.

  1. You are young and fit, but that does not mean you can’t get the virus. Your immune system may be strong to fight it but you will still remain a carrier and can transfer the virus to people around you. So, social distancing and personal hygiene is of equal importance for the young and healthy.
  2. Heat and sunlight, as well as extreme cold conditions usually do kill viruses, but their effect on coronavirus is unknown till date. So, rather than waiting for summers to take care of COVID-19, we all have to be proactive and fight it.
  3. COVID-19 does not kill everybody it infects. You can have the disease and recover soon with proper treatment and support. The virus is showing a death rate of 3% in India, with the remaining 97% recovering with time.
  4. Thermal scanners do not detect COVID-19. They just indicate the presence of fever. So, passed by scanner does not mean you are disease free.
  5. Hot baths or hand dryers have no role in killing the virus. Only frequent hand washing with soap and water or using an alcohol based rub can help us wash off the virus.
  6. No amount of steam, essential oils or ginger, lemon, honey help the body fight against COVID-19.
  7. Indians/Asians do not have any edge over the Western population in fighting COVID-19. So, every bit of precaution is needed to rescue our country from this mayhem.
  8. Ultraviolet lamps or air purifiers have no role in sterilizing and disinfecting the environment and killing the virus.

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