Dos and Don’t’s


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  1. Do keep yourself warm

In winters there is a higher incidence of heart attack and blood pressure .This is because the blood vessels contract during winter in an effort to reduce loss of heat .Also some people will have exaggeration of arthritis pain . Some people also have Reynaud’s disease which causes severe pain in the extremities and also causes numbness. If a person keeps warm and maintains the body temperature these conditions can be better

  1. Don’t starve, don’t over eat

In winters the body requires more energy to keep the body temperature normal .This causes an increase in the appetite and people tend to overeat and gain weight. It is important to maintain proper eating habits and not to eat high sugar containing foods. One does not need to starve but a balanced diet should be maintained. Fibre should also be  added to the meals

Fibre is good for health

  1. Don’t wait until it’s warm to exercise

Most people feel too cold to exercise and they get into a sedentary state in the winters .Do not wait for it to get warm before you exercise. Exercise in winters will burn fat and will increase the body temperature and help you feel comfortable and active

  1. Do drink more water

In winters one tends to drink less water and fluid.. Your body needs water Just a 2 per cent drop in the body’s water can cause mental fatigue.  So one should ensure at least 2 litres  of fluid along  with fruit and veggies .Fruits and vegatables also contain water and this adds to the fluid requirement of the body

  1. Do eat seasonal vegetables and fruits

Nature provides specific fruits and vegetable abundantly in a season and these are good and provide the required nutrients during winter

  1. Do wash your hands
    When cold season hits, everyone tries to avoid washing hands often. This is the reason why colds and coughs spread easily during the cold seasons. Hand washing is the best way to stop the spread of communicable disease, so make a  focusedeffort  is to be made to washhands before eating or touching the face – especially after spending time on public transit and in shopping malls.
  2. Do get enough sleep
    In winters as in summers please get enough sleep –at least 8 hours daily
  3. Don’t forget to moisturize
    That winter wind  causes dryness of the skin so it is important  to moisturize the skin lavishly .Everything from the  hair to the skin starts to feel scaly . So besides moisturizing the hands and face it is important to moisturize the hair and the lips also
  4. Don’t overlook sunscreen
    In winters on etends to go out in the sun more often. It is   important to protect  the eyes and the skin from the sun rays

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