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Five tests to be done in the winters

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During winters we are more susceptible to colds and flu, the arthritis is exaggerated;we are prone to mood changes and depression and we are much more likely to suffer a heart attack. There are five blood tests that should be done in winters to diagnose these conditions and prevent complications.

Liver function tests

Winter brings the party season and the wedding season with it. Along with the parties come excessive alcohol drinking and erratic timings. This can have an n effect on the Liver and hence one should get a comprehensive test done for the liver to check the status and function of Liver

Thyroid Function Tests

Cold weather often brings with it dry and itchy skin and dull and lifeless hair. But this skin changes may also be due to Thyroid problems .Hence please get a thyroid function test done to rule this out

Vitamin D testing

Vitamin D is important for the absorption of calcium and phosphorous, vital minerals for the strength of our bones, and also plays a role in maintaining our mood, the immune system as well as heart health and even cancer. Vitamin D is created in the body by the effect of sunshine on our skin  In the  winters the days are shorter and they are darker – also people are well clad and there is no exposure to sunlight . Hence the body tends to make less Vitamin D and the deficiency increase in winter. Hence estimating Vitamin D in winters is of paramount importance.

Complete Blood Counts

In winters people tend to have more viral infections like cold and cough. Sometimes these  viral illnesses can be superadded by bacterial infections. A complete blood count with ESR can help in this

Urine Examination

In winters we tend to drink less water but also we urinate more often. This may mask the underlying Urinary Tract Infection and it is important to do a urine routine examination to make sure there is no infection

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