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With the lockdown extending to 15 more days, I am sure our heads must be going bonkers. So there will be more work from home, more household chores and more lockdown frustration for all the workaholics, travelers and party animals. Amidst all this, let’s all think about the most ignored chunk in this mess, our little ones. 

So we can fall back on our laptops, grab a couple more movies while sipping coffee or sleep more when bored. But what about our kids?? No park time, no school fun and seeing people at home glued to screens, be it for work or fun. And what if they are around a sick person! How to get them to wear mask, practice social distancing and maintain personal hygiene?

  1. First and foremost, try to explain to your child what is going on. Make it sound like a simple story as per his understanding. They are way smarter than we think!
  2. Make handwashing a family routine. Do not expect your kids to wash hands regularly if you don’t. Do it with music, do it while playing and do it regularly.
  3. Make them wash all their toys, every couple of days. Summers are here, so they can have fun with water and you get all their stuff cleaned. 
  4. Try to engage your kids in doing all the household chores with you. It will add to the mess for sure, but will make them a lot happier than being asked to sit aside when you are mopping the floor!! Let them grab a broom as well and accompany you in cleaning the house:-))) Chopping vegetables, washing utensils and clothes and drying them, let them be a part of it all. 
  5. Do not be liberal in letting them watch cartoons or movies while you are officially working from home. Make a schedule and limit their screen time to an hour a day. Few days of leniency will spoil them and make them demand more. 
  6. Try to keep them away from old and sick people in the house, irrespective of COVID19 status. The last thing we would want at this time is a sick child needing treatment.
  7. In absolutely unavoidable circumstances, if you have to take your child out, make him/her wear a mask if older than 2 years. These masks should be made preferably of cloth and should cover the nose and mouth properly. Remove them while eating or drinking. Always wash hands before and after using the mask.
  8. Carefully look for and pick up signs of illness in the little ones. Symptoms like excess sleep, anxiety, worry, and loss of interest in daily activities could be subtle pointers of illness. Consult your clinician and get him/her tested in time.

Remember, kids are our future. Make this lockdown an enriching and memorable experience for them. You might never get this family time again☺)

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