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Let us understand home quarantine:

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Two words that are being heard repeatedly in the news, media, and public are home quarantine or self isolation. So let us understand what this really means.

Till date, we have not been able to crack the treatment of COVID-19. Drugs and vaccines are being made and tested, but nothing has been approved as of now. The only treatment that is available to us is social hygiene and isolation. This isolation lasts for a period of 14 days or COVID-19 test negative, whichever is earlier. This is the only tool we have in our defence.

A person who has been advised home quarantine or self isolation should:

  1. Stay alone in a room with an attached toilet.
  2. Move minimally inside the house, best to avoid.
  3. Not get out of the house under any circumstances.
  4. Stay away from the elderly, infants and pregnant women as much as possible.
  5. Eat in separate utensils and at different times from other people in the house.
  6. Use separate sheets, towels, and bedding.
  7. Wear a facial mask throughout the day and change it every 6-8 hours.
  8. Not allow visitors in the house.
  9. Get his masks disinfected with bleaching solution or 1% Sodium hypochlorite solution and then get them burnt or buried deep in soil.
  10. Call the helpline no. 011-23978046 if symptoms appear.

Apart from the patient, the family members should be extra-cautious as well.

  1. Only 1 person should attend to the patient at all times.
  2. Use gloves and mask at all times when around the patient.
  3. Wash your hands and face regularly after removing gloves and mask.
  4. Discard gloves and mask as described above.
  5. Avoid shaking the bedsheets while changing them.

As far as the household premises are concerned:

  1. Clean and disinfect all surfaces with bleach/sodium hypochlorite solution.
  2.  Clean and disinfect all clothes, towels, bedding of the patient with regular detergent but separate from other family members. 
  3. Clean and disinfect toilet with bleach/sodium hypochlorite solution.

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