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So, as we enter the third week of lockdown, I am sure all of us have faced it all. The restlessness of not going to work, frustration of doing all household chores, boredom, exhausted with all the Covid-19 stuff that is running everywhere and annoyed with the voracious diet your stomach is demanding!! And on the flip side, the joy of getting more family time, be it while washing utensils together, watching old classics or playing with kids one on one. The past two weeks of lockdown have shown us a kind of life we could have never imagined. No eating out, no movies at the theatre, no walks, no gyms, no shopping and the ultimate death trap for all the workaholics, NO office. But the bottom line, for the majority, I assume is- ALL IS WELL. As long as we are together with our near and dear ones safe, wherever they are, ALL IS WELL.

But for now, let us concentrate on things that we should and should not do in the lockdown period left with us for our body to stay healthy and disease free.


  1. Be regular on a 30 minute workout, be it in your bedroom or balcony. If you are mopping your entire house, you could do with 20!!!
  2. Eat healthy and freshly cooked food. Our century old grains, the basic wheat, pulses and rice are our savior in this period of lockdown. 
  3. Organize your wardrobe and keep aside all the clothes that you haven’t worn in the last 6 months and give them to someone needy as soon as the lockdown ends.
  4. Declutter all your drawers and almirahs. Throw whatever is useless and is occupying space. This is the best time to minimalize your life.
  5. Revise your collection in the library, and pick up books you always wanted to read and couldn’t take out time for. 


  1. For all people suffering from lifestyle diseases like diabetes, thyroid and heart issues, do not miss out on your regular tests in this period of lockdown.
  2. Do not keep munching the entire day. The hunger pangs must be troubling like never before, but learn to ignore them.
  3. Do not stay hooked to the screen most of your day. Its entertaining, but there are way better things to do in this time of lockdown.
  4. Do not fight or argue unnecessarily with your loved ones. Its tough for all, and this too shall pass.  

And remember, ALL IS WELL THAT ENDS WELL. So, stay home, stay safe and stay happy and healthy. 

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